• Bjorn Sabreshield

    Bjorn Sabreshield

    Bjorn is a royal house gard in the Kingdom of Oslund, protecting the people from harm.
  • Einar


    Assured the throne, he lives a life of luxary and makes sure everyone is aware of it.
  • Fjorolf


    Firm and honorable, he rules Oslund justly.
  • Fjorolfdottir


    Determined and headstrong, she is the embodiment of the Oslunder spirit.
  • Heifi


    A druid as ancient and unchanging as the seasons, her advice is greatly treasured.
  • Heimar


    An initiated Druid, he spends more time with Nature and less with Mankind.
  • Lythara


    Heifi's young apprentice, an exotic woman with pointed ears and a black wolf companion named Luna.
  • Olaf One-eye

    Olaf One-eye

    A veteran raider, his grizzled visage strikes fear into his enemies shortly before his axe strikes death into them.
  • Snorri


    Head of the Jarl's House Guard, he delegates the running of all activities to his subordinates.