Kingdom of Oslund

Oslund is a coastal town boasting several hundred men, women and children. The majority of them are farmers and fisherman, growing grains and raising sheep and goats. Your liege and Jarl is Fjorolf, a mighty warrior in his day who now spends his time in the Greathall, hearing disputes and feasting. The buildings are sod or wood with thatched roofs, the drink of choice is mead, and the warriors feast on mutton and goat, while the farmers eat grains. The warriors go raiding or kill the winter wolves, and sometimes defend the people from other raiders. Otherwise life is quiet.

Fjorolf’s close companion Olaf One-eye leads the raiders on their plundering of the nearby kingdoms of Sverlund and Ranglund. Occasionally these kingdoms will raid Oslund as well. Content Not Found: erik-runewrecker is a member of Olaf’s battle party.
Fjorolf is guarded by his loyal house guard, let by Snorri, a man from his father’s time. Snorri spends most of the day drinking and sleeping, punctuated by complaints about the cold. Bjorn is a member of Fjorolf’s house guard.

Fjorolf’s first child is named Fjorolfsdottir. She is a headstrong young woman who used watch the Olaf’s battle parties training and leaving to sea. As she has gotten older, she now spends her time near Fjorolf and on the ruling council when disputes arise. It is well known that Fjorolf wishes she was a son. Fjorolf’s second child, Einar, is a son, but he spends most of his time drinking, carousing and racing his horses. He spends his time with sycophants and makes everyone well aware of his importance.

The secretive Druids watch over the Oslunders, ensuring a bountiful crop and keeping the people and animals free from disease and sickness. The druids are led by Heifi, a druid rumored to never age. She will give council to Fjorolf, most often sent by messenger. Rarely is she seen, and it is a sign of troubles to come. The druids are viewed with both awe and fear as they can do things no other mortal can. Lythara is an apprentice druid, willing to spend the countless years needed to fully become one of Nature’s servants. Thrush is the other druid of the grove, gaining the respect of Nature after many years of service to Her.

The walled village is surrounded by farms, with the fisherman living to the southeast in a small fishing village. To the south lie the burial mounds. The Druid’s grove is to the southwest.

Kingdom of Oslund

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